“Liderazgo” es un proyecto relacionado con la materia “Procesamiento Digital 2” de la carrera de fotografía profesional en Motivarte


Blues Code – Steamy Windows

Blues code´s Steamy Windos version captured by Jacko. Awesome Amy Winehouse-style performer.

Vuelan Pajaros

Some of my freelance work, taking pictures to rock band “Vuelan Pajaros”

This time I had the opportunity (and responsability) of taking pictures to a band, their first time ever behind the camera. I hope I lived up to the experience.
For full gallery, please click here.

Cayetano Ferrer

Cayetano Ferrer is a Los Angeles-based video, photography and sculptural/installation artist who has a unique style of art.

Cayetano transforms both street signs and cardboard boxes into fully-transparent objects that are just trippy to look at. He does this by pasting high-quality photographs printed onto stickers and affixes them to existing street signs and or boxes. By photographing the trees, buildings and sky directly behind these objects, he could then achieve an incredible transparency effect in the real world. Regardless of how he does it, the effect is unique and mesmerizing to look at.


Activating WordPress


This is my first entry ever in WordPress. I am an incipient photographer studying in Motivarte, Argentina. I will definately add more stuff in the future.

As a small preview of my work, this is one of my favorite pics.

I took this picture last summer in Praia Do Rosa, Brazil.

Stay tunned for more!